Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have officially decided that buses make me sick. This seems strange to me because there is nothing else I can think of that does this. Planes, trains, boats, cars, even thrill rides are completely fine. (Does it go fast, up, down, sideways, upside down and spin? Awesome, lets go.) But for some reason, as soon as I get on a bus, I feel ill. I found this out the hard way on a 12 hour bus tour of the Scottish Highlands with my mother about a month ago, but I figured it was just the length of the trip or the dodgy roads. Yet now even when I'm on the 205 for that hour to and from class, it's simply torture. Ugh, I'd rather take the tube at rush hour any day. I suppose I've only about a week left that I need to take the bus, so I shouldn't complain. Besides, its a good excuse to never take Megabus ever again...   Looks like my car is coming with me to Milwaukee! ;)

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