Friday, April 16, 2010

Mojito? What the hell is that?

I forgot to tell you all about the very last conversation we had in Spain before getting on a bus to go to the airport!  We had about 45 minutes and the last of our Euros to kill before the bus left, so we decided to head out to one of the bars to get a mojito. Mojitos, I should mention, seemed to be the drink of choice in Barcelona. They had entire bars devoted to them. You would think, therefore, they would fairly easy to find even out by the bus station. Apparently we were wrong.

Lauren: "Necesito dos mojitos por favor."

Old lady: "Bocadillo?" (A sandwich.)

Lauren: "No, no. Mojito."

Old lady: "Si, bocadillo."

Lauren: "No, mojito. Mo-hee-toe" Makes drinking motion.

Old lady: "Ah! Patatas!" (Potatoes!)

Lauren: "What? No!"

Needless to say, we were doomed to leave Barcelona without our drinks. That would prove to be a terrible decision in and of itself after frustration and delays at the airport. But, we survived. I'm sure their mojitos would have been over priced and mediocre at best anyways.

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