Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Madrid, Spain

Alright alright I know I've been seriously slacking in getting this post up, but here it is finally!Spain was wonderful. The weather was great, the food was great, and the sights were wonderful.
We spent our days wandering around the city, seeing the sites and taking everything in. Lauren speaks Spanish pretty well, so we were doing good getting around and ordering food and the likes. I just pretended to be mute. It works for me. 
One of our coworkers from Milwaukee happened to be in Madrid at the same time, so one of our nights there we headed over to have drinks with her and her sister who is studying in Madrid for the year. It was great to see a familiar face again and catch up on all the work gossip since we've been gone.
Since it has been awhile since we have gotten back, and I knew I would probably fail epically at getting this post up in a timely fashion, I took a few brief notes about Madrid so I would know what to blog about. Looking at those notes now, I think I may have been crazy. 
The list goes something like this....
  • Hookers- there were tons of hookers in Madrid. It was bizarre.
  • Purple- Purple seems to be the new black this season. EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE. Purple. 
  • Back to the '90's- from mullets, rat-tails, and hammer pants, we were for sure in the 90's. 
  • TACO BELL- OMG there was a Taco Bell!! Highlight of the trip for sure. One of 2(?) in all of Europe. What did you do in Madrid? We got Taco Bell. YESSSSS.
Post for Barcelona tomorrow hopefully!

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