Friday, April 16, 2010

Barcelona, Spain

So after an unbearable 9 hour over night bus ride from Madrid, we arrived in Barcelona exhausted around 9am. Unfortunately, we were unable to check into our hostel until 1, so I feel asleep on the couch in the common room of our hostel while Lauren figured out what we should do and see while we were there.
We decided to spend the remaining hours of our first day there getting to know the area, which turned out to be be a good game plan. We were just a short walk away from the main street, loads of pubs, and the beach!! We stopped for lunch, having tortillas, calamari sandwiches, and sangria.  
The rest of our days were filled with Antoni Gaudi, wonderful markets, long walks on the beach (lol, not really), and watching the Spanish football matches in British pubs. We spent a full day seeing La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. They were amazing. If and when they ever finsih La Sagrada Familia, it will be the most intricate and, true to its name, gaudy building ever. Definitely worth seeing.  
Our last day in Barcelona we decided to relax and head down to the beach.While the weather had been warm and sunny for the majority of our trip, the water was still freezing, so no swimming for us. That didn't stop a few brave souls though, or the old guy walking along the shore in his Speedo. Ugh. 
Overall our trip was great, and the only complaint we had was that our flight back to London was delayed. Aside from that Spain was great, hopefully someday we'll be able to go back!

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