Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Month Down...

So as of yesterday Lauren and I have been in London for a full month! I can't believe it, sometimes if feels like I've lived here my whole life and sometimes it feels like I just got off the plane. Crazy.

Anyways, it was another relaxing week with school and such. Wednesday we took a trip to the Globe Theater for theater class (go figure) which was very cool. It was built to be as close to a replica as Shakespeare's original Globe Theater as possible. While I have no idea what the original looked like I'm going to guess that they just did a pretty good job.

Later that night we were off to see Cymbeline, a play by Shakespeare which you can read more about here. I would just tell you about it but it would take about 5 years for me figure out a good way to summarize all that :)
Yesterday after I was done with class Lauren and I decided to go up to Camden and wander through more of the markets. There are so many things to see there it's unbelievable. Lauren found herself a new pair of shoes on sale so we decided to dress up and go downtown for the evening. All in all it was a really nice, laid back day.Today however, was a different story entirely. But that is deserving of its' own post; I'll have that up either today or tomorrow!

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