Saturday, October 31, 2009

Music and Costumes and Beer, oh my!

This week started pretty slow, but took off with a bang! Wednesday, Lauren and I went to the National Theater to see Mother Courage and Her Children. Read the summery of the play here. This performance was unlike anything I have every seen before. It was shown as 'epic theater', meaning lighting, scene and costume changes, and musical elements are kept in full view of the audience to remind them that what they are watching is not real. A very interesting way to conduct a play but I think it worked quite well.Thursday after our classes Lauren and I went to ISH for free ballroom dance lessons. It turned out to be really fun! We learned the waltz, the cha-cha, the samba, and a few others, none of which I remember very well at this point but I think we are going to try to go again this week so maybe I'll learn them a bit better this time around. After dancing, we stopped up at the bar before going home. Thursday is karaoke night, which is always entertaining to say in the least. This week it was even more so with the night ending in a bar fight! Some kid smashed a beer bottle over someones head, in all my years of working at a bar I have never seen that before!
Saturday turned out to be the craziest Halloween ever. Aside from the fact that we got to spend it in London, there was a free Dead Weather show at a church in Shoreditch. Lauren and I waited in line for 2 hours with hundreds of other people, but we made it in! Once inside we were all given a free beer and left to find a spot in the dark, eerily blue lit church. I'm sure it was quite a sight to anyone who may have been walking past; tons of people dressed up in Halloween costumes drinking beer, standing on pews while listening to alt rock in a church, haha! The show was really good, and they even had a decent light show with it. It only lasted for about a half hour but it was so worth it.
Last night ISH had a showing Fast and Furious in their little theater, then we went home to watch the Vikings/Packers game. They actually had it on TV here! Vikings won :) All in all, it has been another weekend come and gone successfully. And somehow it is already November as well! Maybe now we'll get a taste of the the weather is really like here.

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