Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hyde Park Christmas

Since I had nothing going on today, and I actually need to get books to write my last few papers (what?), I decided to go check out the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.
They have Jager as you can see, so life is good. I did not however get any since it was expensive.
The main food and shopping area was German themed, there were brats and beer and pretzels and tons of good smelling food that I could not afford. Maybe I'll go back later and try more of it.
I did try mulled wine though, which was actually really good. I wasn't sure what to expect so the first few sips were a bit different but I liked it. That and some chocolate covered strawberries and I was good to go. They also had this massive snowman which was my favorite :)
Anyway, hopefully I will be back soon to eat more and go ice skating! Still waiting for snow... I mean really, it's December and it is 50 degrees (F) here. Amazing.

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