Monday, December 14, 2009

Bath & Stonehenge

I decided to take a weekend off of writing papers and head out to see Bath. My friend and co-worker Alyssa was actually going to be back in Bath this weekend to graduate, but unfortunately we miss each other by just hours, just like when we got into England but I set off to explore the city anyway.

Bath is absolutely beautiful! I went to see the the Roman Baths, which were amazing. No spa treatments available (which is ok 'cause the water looked a bit gross) but it was cool to see. At the end of the tour you are able to 'taste' the water from the thermal spring. Weird, but ok if that's the tradition I figure I'd try it. Tasted like warm, stale water. Go figure. My last full day there I took a few hours to go and see Stonehenge. Litterally in the middle of nowhere, and then huge rocks! It was fantastic to see, such a historic and famous landmark. In real life too, not just in a picture!
Aside from the hostel I stayed in, which was nice but next time I think I'll cough up a few extra pounds to not stay in a 10 person mixed room, the trip was wonderful. Hopefully someday I'll make it back.

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