Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stonehenge, Bath, and Halloween

I have survived my first day trip of the year, a day out to Stonehenge and Bath with the flat mates :) I made this trip last time around, but it was fun to go with friends. Unfortunately it was just a day trip, so our time in Bath was very short, but it is such a beautiful city.  My next trip is coming up soon, a weekend in Wales :) But first I need to study, and it will be bonfire night soon, and the Christmas lighting ceremony....

Yesterday was Halloween, which is not as celebrated here as in the US but it is catching on. The weather was amazing (75 degrees!), and we decided to put off our studies to enjoy the sun and the view on Primrose Hill. (Sorry for the poor picture quality! Check my Facebook for better shots...)

Finally, we ended the night in Camden for the Halloween parties. None of us had a proper costume, but I think we managed to look pretty scary, or at least a scary as a group of university students can be in ridiculous face paint :)

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