Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family, Part 1; Edinburgh, take 2

The family finally arrived to the UK safe and sound, and utterly tired. No time to sleep though, as soon as they got off the plane at Heathrow, I met them and we were off on another flight to Edinburgh! Had a nice quiet first night in Scotland, went out to one of the local pubs, got a pint (Jake's first legal drink!) and then back to the flat for some much needed rest. It was (and is!) so good to see them again!
We somehow managed to get up and out the door on Monday, and went out to explore the castle, the Royal Mile, and Calton Hill. By the time we got through all the main sights we were starving and tired. We found a place to stop for some Italian food at Bella Italia, had a quick pint at a local pub, and went back to the flat for the night. 
Then next day Dad and Jake were off to St. Andrews for a round of golf, and Mom and I took a day trip to the Highlands and Loch Ness. The Highlands were absolutlely beautiful, and we were able to go on a short boat cruise on the Loch Ness.         Our last day there, we were off and running straight away to the airport to catch our flight into London, but for having such little time in Scotland we were all able to see quite a bit of it.  We have been crazy busy here in London so far, and having lots of fun, hopefully I will have time to post before we leave for Paris, but if not don't worry, I will update as soon as I find time!


  1. Haha - Jake and Larry playing St. Andrews. That's funny. If ever got there I don't think I'd try to gold. Man I would want to see all the castles and shiz...Also drinking those pints looks mighty fun!!

    Always deep in my heart have wanted to go to Edinburgh. I think I would try to go there for the whole 2 weeks though - or maybe longer. Would just love to relish the experience.

    Man what fun!!! Coolness beyond words!

  2. ...oops lots of spelling errors in that last post. Almost midnight here...hehe