Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Birthday in Croydon

It was our friend (UK) Laurens birthday on Monday so (US) Lauren and I hopped on a train Saturday night and went to party it up in Croydon! We had been warned about Croydon, apparently it is not exactly the nicest area of South London. But upon arrival we deemed it no worse than North Ave in Milwaukee and went to meet the birthday girl at the pubs. Ironically enough I picked a seat next to (UK) Katie just to make everyone a bit more confused than they had to be in our collectively drunken state.
After pub hopping until 1am, our group was down to only 5, Nicola ((UK) Lauren's sister), (UK) Lauren, (US) Lauren, (UK) Katie, and myself. Go figure. We all crashed at (UK) Lauren's that night and woke up the next afternoon and had a nice breakfast of tea and toast. We were then kindly given a ride back to the train station to head back into London.
Overall consensus is that Croydon is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, and the birthday party was a success. Happy Birthday Lauren!

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